Upcoming Events

It was great to see so many new faces at the Welcome Port and Policy event on Tuesday, and to meet so many enthusiastic new members. I hope everyone enjoyed the first debate of many this year. Firstly, a big well done, and thank you to all four of our panel speakers. If you were burning to speak this week, but didn’t get a chance to, there will be many more debates throughout the year, providing plenty of opportunity for your opinions to be heard.

Our event next week is the renown Westminster Pub Crawl, involving renditions of Burlington Bertie and the National Anthem. We will be meeting on the UCL Campus on Tuesday 19th, in the Main Quad, so come along for an evening of fun!! The following week’s event, on Tuesday 26th, is another Port and Policy evening. The motion will be “This House Would Use Market Forces to Improve Universities”.

Also, an external event which some of you might be interested in attending is the New Turn panel discussion entitled, “Are Socialist Economics still Relevant?”, including a panel consisting of: Diane Abbott MP, David Burrowes MP, Brian Carney – Editorial Editor of the Wall Street Journal, and Timothy Newson – a Social Democracy thinker. The event will be held this Thursday (14th October) at 6.45, at Queen Mary University [nearest tube station - Mile End], in the Skeel Lecture Theatre, Queens Building. Please email events@newturn.org.uk to register your interest to attend.
For the Facebook event page, visit: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=108842782510815&index=1

For those of you interested in helping with campaigning; a quick reminder about the first upcoming “Super Saturday” in Tower Hamlets, as mentioned by Nick Clark – London CF Chairman, at yesterday’s Port and Policy. The Conservative mayoral candidate for Tower Hamlets is Neil King, and following the hard work put in by the local team, CF will be helping with the last push, as polling day – the 21st – is coming up very soon! So keep this Saturday, the 16th free from 10.30-4.30 to get stuck-in with some on the ground campaigning work: a great way to meet like-minded Conservatives from the whole of London. Meeting by Mile End Station at 10.30, so come along, and join the London CF as well as few of our own committee in making a difference.

We would also like to remind you that Join Fortnight begins this Monday – which means that you have two weeks to sign up to our society. Membership can either be bought at the CSC, 2nd Floor Bloomsbury Building, or online at http://www.uclunion.org/shop/

See you all soon!

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