Something to celebrate

Earlier in the year UCL Conservative Society asked you to vote for us in the Total Politics Top Political Blogs competition and we are pleased to announce that we can in 80th place. Yay! It may seem like quite a low ranking but we were in competition with blogs that have a much higher fan base like Iain Dale’s Diary, Conservative Home and Dizzy Thinks, given that we are a University blog I think that is is a brilliant result. The full list can be seen by clicking here.

This also means that we will be listed in the book ‘Total Politics Guide to Blogging’ and can now proudly display this badge on our site:


As Website Officer I would like to thank all those who voted for our blog in this competition. Let’s see if we can move up the ranks next year!

While we are on the subject of rankings it is worth mentioning that the Times Higher Education Top 200 World Universities list came out earlier this week with UCL placed 4th best in the world and 2nd best in the country (Full list can be seen here). Double Yay! Definetely two things to come and celebrate with us at our welcome event on Tuesday 7:30 pm in the Wilkins Garden Room!

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