It would seem that Facebook is not the only Social Networking Site on the internet where people are able to share their view on politics. Recently UCL student Michal Zdzieborksi has begun developing a Social Networking site devoted totally to politics called ‘Upublica’.

Zdzieborski, creater of the site, explains that ‘Upublica is a social networking website which serves as a platform to share ideas. Whether you are a journalist, a writer, an environmentalist, an aspiring politician or entrepreneur you can share your thoughts with the world right there. Upublica is about meeting new people, networking with like-minded individuals and creating dialogue.’

Upublica is very easy to use and once you are signed up you can upload your articles and get feedback on them from other users. Upload photos, and videos to add a visual dimension to your profile. Run a blog to let others know what you think. Set up a community of like – minded people interested in a similar topic. And if you are really passionate about something – set up a specialised portal.

For all those who love politics and are addicted to Facebook this is one to check out, and even better it has been created by a fellow UCLer. Click here to check it out!

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