Valete – a final word from William Hall

Dear All,

This is just a final note from me to finish up the year.

For the Conservative Society this year has been an enormous success. We have seen the average turnout at events more than double, sign-ups broke new records, an increase in the number of events, the launch of the successful Social Action programme, fantastic guest speakers (Geoffrey Howe), great Caerulean editions, animated Port and Policy debates, more than 85 people at our Ceilidh and a dramatic increase in the profile of the Society by taking the fight to the left over Tuition Fees (on BBC News 24, Radio 4 News, Radio London and several county radio stations as well as the student press).

We have managed to do all this and for the first time in memory balance the books of the Society so that next year’s Committee will be the first in a long time not to inherit debt.

This could not have happened without the outstanding work of members of the Committee this year who have pulled together as a team to deliver such a full programme of events. Every member of the Committee has excelled themselves, a special mention must go to Hugo and Emily who have filled the roles of Treasurer and Vice-President respectively. Emily has been a part of the Society for 3 years now and her contribution over that time has played no small part in defining the Society. Hugo has been an excellent Treasurer and approachable member of the Committee ensuring that enthusiasm was always backed up by detail. My enormous thanks go to Jon, Marta, Tori, Jeni, Akshat, Matt and Sam who have all worked hard to deliver our success giving up huge amounts of their free time in the process. Their contribution and warmth have been incredible.

To conclude, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this year. From an extremely shaky position at the start of the year the Society has come back to be the leading student Conservative group in the UK. It remains the best place to meet new friends and new ideas.

Next year’s Committee is a great mix of new and old faces and I’m certain they will do a brilliant job.

Thanks again to everyone for a great year,

William Hall

President 2010-11, UCL Conservatives

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