A very warm welcome to any Freshers and/or Newbies who are visiting our website for the very first time, as a way to welcome you to the site and to the UCL Conservative Society each member of this year’s committee has written a welcome message and mini introduction about themselves so that you will know a little bit about us prior to when you come and meet us in person at our Welcome Reception where we will provide Gin and Tonic, Wine, Orange Juice and a free raffle (Tuesday13th October @ 19:30 in the Wilkins Garden Room – next to Jeremy Bentham):

kw “Hello, I’m Kieran and I’m the President of the society for the coming year. I’m currently reading for a BSc in Geography with a particular interest in the environment, as such I am hoping to go into Environmental Law via a masters in Environmental Policy and subsequently Law School. I am from Bath (Somerset) which means I have a bit of a country accent and a great passion for cider, rugby and pretty surroundings! Last year I was the society Treasurer and this year in addition to being President of the Conservatives I am the UCLU Societies Officer (non-executive) and sit on various UCL Union Boards. Politically I am a center-right moderate social libertarian and somewhat culturally liberal and an environmental economic rationalist or “Green Tory”.”

Iain “Hi, I’m Iain and I’m a 4th year Natural Sciences student and the society’s Treasurer. I was sucked in to the society in my first year and have been unable to escape – I am a former 1st year rep, was the Treasurer in my 2nd year and last year I was campaigns officer. I also act as the link between the society and our local constituency association; Holborn and St Pancras Conservatives. As if that was not enough punishment I am also the chairman of the student Tory Reform Group. I enjoy cricket and inarticulate ranting.”

Emma Double2 “Hello, I am Emma and I am the Vice President for 2009/2010. From the borders of South Eastern London and Kent and I am currently a second year History of Art student here at UCL.

During my first year I participated in the Debating, Bongos!?, Live Music, Musical Theatre, Horse-riding, and Conservative society. From these, I particularly enjoyed the many lively talks from MPs which were frequently held and one of these talks led me to secure work experience with Shadow Minister for Culture, Edward Vaizey.

My interesting facts are that I play the violin and piano, I am a keen horse-rider, and I love art, in particular children’s illustration, and spent a year at Art College before coming to UCL. I have also taught children art for two years as an art teacher. I hope to bring much creativity and many ideas to the Committee in the year to come.”

asah2 “Hello!  I’m Asa, I first startled dabbling in Conservatism a few years ago – it started off as a mild curiosity but escalated into going out on the street to campaign for Boris in the London Mayor elections and working in David Cameron’s office.

I’m a Classics (BA) student from Oxford and am entering my second year at UCL. I enjoyed my first year as a member of the society so decided (without any prior experience) to help out more directly as General Secretary.
And finally – I’m an amateur at Thai cooking and have started taking ballroom dancing lessons! ”

Emily C “Hi, my name is Emily; and I am a second year student reading Law (LLB) at UCL. I am the Social Secretary of UCL Conservatives for 2009/10. It is my first committee post- so hopefully I’ll be able to make a fairly decent go of it!
Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where I spend half my time; it would be fair to say that I have a fair interest in politics (of the Right kind) the world over. It has often been said that I have an unhealthy obsession with staying glued to the news (with an admittedly sad, uncanny knowledge of who’s who amongst CNN correspondents: Richard Quest is my favourite). Other than that I love being on the polo field, and concurrently hold the post of Social Secretary for the University of London Polo Club.”

laura “Privyet! My name is Laura-Rose, originally I am from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and I am the Website and Publicity Officer for 2009/2010. At present I am a fourth year student at SSEES reading for a BA in Russian Studies.

The last year of my degree was spent studying Russian in Moscow and travelling as far East as the Urals and as far South as the Caucasus Mountains. Apart from travelling I am also interesting in Russian literature, especially Tolstoy and Bulgakov, Russian cinema and Russian Music, in particular artists like Dima Bilan, tATu and Sergei Lazarev.

In the past I held the role of Social Secretary with UCL Conservative Society, Website manager and Deputy Area Chairman for Bristol and Gloucestershire Conservative Future.”

Michael Peet “Hi, My name is Michael Peet and I am a third year Historian. I have been a comittee member for two years now. Last year I edited the Caerulean and this year it is my job to liase with the other less informed political societies of UCL. I am a friendly chap and do many things for fun. I am abit of musician, having played the violin in national orchestras and with the London Mozart Players. Beyond that I have a keen nose for wine, political controversy and tweed jackets. Also I feel I should add I have appeared in Chap magazine, a wonderful publication.”

Brian2 “Hello, I’ am Brian Middleton, and I read Chemistry at PhD level. As a Londoner I am familiar with the social bar/club scene as well as the great wealth of history and culture the city has to offer. I have been involved with other CF branches, as a Committee member and Vice Chair and always enjoy a good debate.

The events we hold are most thoroughly enjoyable, with wine receptions and debates with some great speakers. I hope to see both new and existing members at our reception, and wish you all the best as you embark on another exciting new term at UCL.”

Tom “Hi, I’m Tom Parkinson, currently editor of the Caerulean, and a third year BA history student, specialising in US&UK economic and political history.

I have in the past worked for Douglas Murray’s Centre for Social Cohesion and am an ideological neo-Con, though am, its probably fair to say, far from the archetype of a young Conservative activist. I’m just here to fill the venturesome Northern quota and tend to get by as a result of my wit, charm and misplaced arrogance.

I’m in the TA, am Vice-President of UCL debating soc and am also a weightlifter.”

Finally, we all look forward to see you at the UCL Freshers’ Fayre on Thursday and Friday, and at our Free Gin and Tonic event on Ocotber 13th!

In the interest of free speech, these comments are unmoderated. Please do, however, bear in mind the words of Lady Margaret Thatcher: "If they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left."