Who will inherit…

Well according to the pundits it looks like this could be the last day of Labour government. As of Tuesday afternoon Labour seem to be looking towards their leadership election and giving up on any chance of clinging onto power. With that in mind, I thought it might be interesting to have a look at some of the potential Labour leadership candidates…

David Miliband (Bookies odds – 4/9)

Young, Blairite and attractive to centre-ground voters in much the same way Tony Blair was. Also, very respected as an intellectual heavyweight having risen from policy-wonkery and seen as having done a good job at the FO. But, he has been seen to be leader-in-waiting for too long.

Alan Johnson – (Bookies odds – 13/2)

Liked as straight-talking former post-man and has very good support with the Unions. Could be seen as a good leader to touch base with core Labour voters without sacrificing reformist agenda. He was though beaten by Harriet Harman in the deputy-leader race which remains an embarrassment.

Ed Balls – (Bookies odds – 14/1)

Long time mate with Gordon Brown and generally seen as a high-flyer but recent close constituency result could spell lack of confidence. My personal opinion is that he is utterly loathed by most of the public – especially those involved in Education.

Jack Straw – (Bookies odds – 33/1)

Almost certainly too old but well respected and well liked particularly as a House of Commons performer whilst Leader of the House. Could be seen as a possible caretaker Leader whilst internal debate settles.

Ignore talk of Lord Mandelson having a stab at the leadership and I would be very surprised indeed to see the Miliband brothers running against each other…


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