Why vote Conservative?

In this year’s election, the choice will be between 5 more years of economic mismanagement under Gordon Brown and a strong, stable economy and society under the Conservatives. We believe the Conservatives are the best option to reform and improve Britain with bold, modern and realistic policies for the country.

Our party stridently defends freedom and liberty, with a consistent and successful opposition against the Labour government’s draconian 42/90 day detention plans and ID cards. We oppose Labour’s top-down government style and have always believed in empowering the individual. We want to let you take responsibility over your own lives, by reducing state dependency, and work towards a civil society – “By trusting people, we help individuals grow stronger, by sharing responsibility, we help society grow stronger”.

Voting blue is actually the green option! The Conservatives have a raft of environmental policies in their Green Deal. Wind and marine power generation will be expanded massively under Conservative plans. People will have the right to £6,500 of home insulation improvements under a Conservative government to encourage sustainable energy usage. The Tories are committed to scrapping the plan for a third runway at Heathrow and would go further than the government in implementing a high-speed rail network.

Public services would be protected and indeed improved under Conservative plans to achieve “more for less”. The NHS is the Conservatives’ number 1 priority and has been ring fenced as a budget area. Michael Gove’s plan to free schools from local authorities and increase choice for parents is a truly radical idea.

For university students like us, our party has pledged to offer 10,000 more places next year and will overhaul the disastrous Student Loan Company that presided over the loans debacle this year. In a difficult financial period for many students, a Conservative government would offer an early re-payment bonus on student fees.

In the run-up to the General Election, the UCL Conservatives have been doing everything possible to help win people over, with groups regularly working the phones at our ‘GENEVA’ call-centre and going door-to-door to persuade voters in person. So vote Conservative, and let the work of change really begin!

For more information on how to get involved, email conservative.society@ucl.ac.uk

In the interest of free speech, these comments are unmoderated. Please do, however, bear in mind the words of Lady Margaret Thatcher: "If they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left."